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Nailess Sawtooth Hanger

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Puncture-free on our wood rounds
Light Weight
Holds up to 20lbs in hardwood, 10lbs in soft woods


Width: 50mm (~2 inches)
Height: 13.2mm
Depth: 7.5mm

Made of steel, each nailess sawtooth has two pronged "legs" that enable it to be attached to a wood picture frame without screws or nails. Nailess Sawtooth Hangers install very quickly into hard wood - pilot holes are usually not necessary except for very hard woods like oak or ash.

If installed in a hard wood frame the maximum weight capacity is 20 pounds. If the wood is extremely soft the weight capacity can be less since the 'nails' or barbs will not seat as securely in a softer wood, we suggest no more than 10 pounds in a soft wood.

Sawtooth picture hangers are easy to use and work well on small wood picture frames, stretched canvases, framed photos, bulletin boards, framed posters, framed diplomas, wood craft projects, pallet wood projects.